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Dangerous Tree Signs

No matter how meticulous one may be with safety, many homeowners tend to ignore the hazards of aging or damaged trees.

Most accidents involving fallen trees or tree branches can be prevented by regular inspection of surrounding trees and proper maintenance.

Some tips for locating a dangerous tree:

  • Keep an eye out for deep, open cracks in the tree trunks or branches. These can often lead to decay. You should be especially worried if you see a vertical crack on opposite sides of the trunk. These can be signs of severe injury.
  • Look for forked trunks. These are signs of weakness.
  • Pay close attention to branch loss. If a tree loses one or more large branches a year, this could be the sign of a dangerous tree.
  • Fungus and mushroom growth can weaken roots. Be sure to inspect for both when examining your tree.
  • Keep an eye out for crossed branches; long, heavy, horizontal limbs, and oddly-shaped branches should all be trimmed immediately. These can all cause weak spots even in massive trees.
  • Be watchful of trees that tend to lean.

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